We use our strengths to help you navigate your way through new territories.


Geopolitical Analysis

Whether working in foreign or domestic markets, our unique expertise in geopolitical analysis provides an objective assessment of current world events and their potential impact on your business.

National Security Analysis

As the world becomes a more dangerous place for Americans and American interests, and as the US national security apparatus continues to grow to address those threats, we help you navigate the complex relationships that exist within the US national security architecture and help assess your particular security needs.

Economic Security Analysis

The economic downturn that began in 2008 manifested itself quickly even though there were many signs warning that our economy was delicately balanced and precariously close to instability. Of course decisions made in Washington, DC have tremendous impact on our economy and we are uniquely placed to help you assess the impact those decisions may have on you and your business.

Political Analysis

Just as important as understanding the legislation that is being considered in Washington and the impact it may have on you is understanding the political process and the likelihood of the that legislation actually becoming enacted. Many bills are offered, few become law. We help you understand this process and provide insight as to status of legislation and likely amendments that may impact you.